Carmen San Diego (scarlet1983) wrote in bibliopolis,
Carmen San Diego

Nadine Gordimer - Burger's Daughter

I've started reading Burger's Daughter again, and I still think it's difficult to read. I'm now at page 187, so nearly at the end of part one. Dialogues are really confusing, sometimes you can't tell who's talking. I don't really know what to say on the novel. Don't really have any ideas on it. My teacher said something about Rosa wanting to go back to the imaginary order, and I found this passage where she is in bed with Baasie which also seems to illustrate this:
I was remembering a special, spreading warmth when Baasie had wet the bed in our sleep. In the morning the sheets were cold and smelly, I told tales to my mother -- Look what Baasie's done in his bed! -- but in the night I didn't know whether this warmth that took us back into the enveloping fluids of a host body came from him or me (137).

It seems like Rosa didn't develop a personality yet. She does what she was brought up to do, she does not rebel against her parents. "It was a contact visit? -- I fall back easily into the jargon of prison visiting. It will always come to me, the language I learnt as a child" (134). She also mentions that at some point she wanted to kill her father. She has relationships with men, but they are not really love affairs. She felt like Conrad was her brother and Conrad wanted to learn more about her father and her upbringing, she was Noel's contact person in prison, and the Swede wanted information about Lionel. Maybe she fell in love with Noel, but when he disappeared to Europe and got married she felt used.

Gordimer, Nadine. Burger's Daughter. London: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2000.
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